What I eat

I am not interested in making this blog a diet, take pictures of my food or anything else to create substitution or sacrifice. My take is that once you know what you need to avoid, the rest will follow. Or you could stick your head in the sand and that would mean you have wasted your time even bothering in the first place.


Anyway, to the point. Generally I eat variations of the following



Poached Egg, Advocado, Spinach

Coconut flakes, nuts and full fat plain natural yoghurt







Red meat (grass fed where possible)




Eating Out



Coffee: Made with Full Fat Milk


Stuff I no longer eat: Ketchup, sugar, toast

Fast Food I still get: McDonalds Chicken Deluxe (v low sugar), Coke Zero

Sweet snacks: Using coconut, nuts, rice malt syrup I make nutritious treats… but usually I feel full and don’t want them..
Imagine you discovered that there was arsenic in most of the food you ate, just a very small dose, not enough to cause an immediate issue, more an accumulation of issues over time. All you had to do to be well and avoid a catastrophe was avoid arsenic. Now, I bet that would be fairly easy when shopping, just look at the ingredients and if it says arsenic, don’t buy it. The same when you are hungry and head to the kitchen for a snack. Avoiding the foods with arsenic would limit your choices but would also mean you would choose something that wasn’t going to poison you. Just replace arsenic for fructose as the ingredient to avoid and you will be fine. Sooner or later if everyone took this approach the food manufacturers would have to create products that people will buy.


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