Getting tested – You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

Getting tested – How to ensure you get what you want at the GP’s and not get fobbed off!

Over the years I have requested tests both in the UK and Australia. Most tests are routine and you should not have to pay a fee with a UK GP or a bulk billing GP in Australia.

As the manager of your own health you have to take charge of your health and prevent sliding into chronic disease when you’d be medicated for ‘life’ or worse a shorter life.

I have advised friends to request certain tests from their GP. On some occasions they don’t get what they want because they are fobbed off by the opinion of the GP.

Now the point of this page is not to bash doctors, the majority are doing the best with the resources available. The purpose of getting tested is to get it done quickly and easily and without fuss. A mail order blood test is not going to give you the benefit of your local GP’s surveillance so although there are plenty of websites online that offer home testing, it is ideal to work in partnership with your local resources, your GP.

The point with prevention is…

Think how much it will save the health service of your country because money will not have to be spent on your potential chronic diseases. I am sure when more of the research on fructose becomes main stream in a more meaningful way, producers of fructose laden products will pay a health tax; what a great business model? fund healthcare with the tax from the companies that made you sick in the first place.

I digress, ok, as I said as a citizen it is your duty to do your bit and request tests that will help you avoid disease and become a burden to your society. The cost of the tests to the health service is a small drop in the ocean compared to what it could cost if you didn’t take the steps now to prevent becoming their patron.

Inform your GP that you are taking charge of your health and need a baseline set of results. Most will do it. If they still won’t do it, you could mention your family history. Not many GPs would refuse a test if their patient was worried, especially if there is a family history.

Below are the tests to get started with, As I expand each one I’ll add the link:

1) Cholesterol – Lipids (hdl,ldl,tryclicerydes, vLDL)


“High tryglerides and High LDL, thats the bad guy, thats the one you don’t want to be, because you are going to die of a heart attack, no question about it” – Dr Lustig
Source: youtube slide up to 38minutes

That quote got my attention and looking at my blood results (fig 1.1) for the last few years, especially the most recent one, I don’t want to be that guy either. The results show I am that guy, rather than stick my head in the sand I will change this and prove that fructose is the bad guy damaging health.


fig 1.1 My Cholesterol results in mmol/L and dg/L 2008 – 2013



2) Full Blood Count (Full Blood Picture in Australia)

3) Glucose

4) Thyroid Function

5) Helicobacter – Pylori H

6) Homocysteine

7) Calcium Score*


Always ask the doctor to write copy to patient on the request form, this saves you another trip to the GP’s to pick up the results and keeps you in charge as the manager of your own health. Don’t worry if they are abnormal, in my experience they will write to you and ask you to come in, to discuss. Of course there are different opinions on what is normal. Some GPs depending on the result will be keen to get you on statins, others will wait and the government levels are generous, see figure 1.1 Ranges.

So, nothing to worry about right? Well not according to Consultant Paediatrician and Professor of ? Dr Lustig, In this video he describes the outcome for a man with the following: High Tryglycerides, High LDL and Low HDL.

Whereas the government guidelines show my results are in their borderline category, Dr Lustig suggests I am a walking heart attack. In fact it was only when I wrote the quote out again below that it started to sink in how much trouble I was in.

“High tryglerides and high LDL, thats the bad guy, thats the one you don’t want to be, because you are going to die of a heart attack, no question about it” – Dr Lustig

Source: youtube slide up to 38minutes

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