Easter and Chocolate

It’s Easter Sunday, I am camping with the family and some friends. Everyone is eating Chocolate, all variations of it.

I brought along a sugar free chocolate cake I made before we left.

It tastes lovely and was a nice substitute, they do come in handy sometimes.

Camping in Australia is a great experience and the kids love it, as well as that when you camp with friends with kids, it’s even easier. Some camps are quite advanced with water slides, swimming pools and bouncy pillows. These are great for the kids especially when you are camped next to them. My favourite type is a camp in the bush, no lights and a great evening sitting outside, looking at the stars and shooting the breeze, lovely…

Now the thing about camping is that it also a holiday and watching those around me I can see how that plays out… Beer O’clock starts at 10am. Local bakeries do a roaring trade. This weekend I have realised that these are the times when you would need to be a on your guard.

A minute ago I saw my wife put open up a chocolate, one of those posh ones that look rich and tasty, for a split second I was tempted to have one. Then I remembered it doesn’t matter how much you dress it up, one of its ingredients is fructose and because an abstinence from fructose is the purpose of this blog I gave it a miss.

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